Paiute Officer List


Paiute Smoke Signals
Fall Campout 2002
Opening Campout 2003
Paiute Officer List
Mineral Wells 2003
Dinosaur Valley Park - 2004
Sweet Heart Dance - 2004
Kachina Doll Festival - 2004
2003 - 2004 Paiute Officer List:
  Mitchell Dyson Chief

Leads tribe, runs monthly meetings, attends Nation Longhouse.

  Scott Duda Assistant Chief

Assist Chief as needed and in his absence. Successor to Chief.

  David Chambers Wampum Bearer

 Handles tribal funds and administers Wampum program

  Casey Williams Tally Keeper

Maintains tribal roster, point of contact for tribe.

  Steve Sargent Sand Painter / Web Spinner

Smoke Signal submission.

  Kenneth Just Fire Starter

Tribal campfire safety. Coordinates wood supply.

  Scott Duda            Mitch Dyson Legend Keeper

Maintains and updates tribal scrapbook.


Assures campsite meet tribal needs. Oversees clean up of site.

  Casey Williams Sachem

Spiritual leader of the Tribe.

    Drum Beater

Tribal Story-Teller. Advocate of tribal unity.

  Tim Rusher War Chief  
    Meshenewa Tribal recruiter works closely with Nation.
  Steve Young          Steve Sargent       Casey Williams Elder Former Chief or tribe leader who brings wisdom and experience. 
  Randy Wahl Pathfinder On site coordination of events, leads tribe on hikes.
  Jeffrey Lambeth Bead Bearer Responsible for administering tribal award program.
  Jon Barham Property Keeper Keeps track of tribal property.  Assures it will be at events.
  Steve Young Medicine Man First Aid within tribe.

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