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Fall Campout 2002
Opening Campout 2003
Paiute Officer List
Mineral Wells 2003
Dinosaur Valley Park - 2004
Sweet Heart Dance - 2004
Kachina Doll Festival - 2004


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  Members of the Bear Creek Federation, Inc.

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Our Group:

(Charter Members)


The Dyson Family Mitch  Roaring River Mallory  Babbling Brook Morgan  Little Waterfall

The Sargent Family Steve  Hawk Eye Ashley Dancing Star

The Duda Family   Scott  Duda Bear  Hannah  Wild Flower Kaitlyn  Waters Blossom Sidney   Running Bare

The Williams Family   Casey  Winnemucca     Hannah  Dancing Kitten


The Young Family Steve  Wolverine Madison  Song Bird 


The Chambers Family David  Big Foot Emily Cotton Tail

  (New Members)

The Lambeth Family Jeff Flying Bear Kaci Little Bear  Tori Wild Builder Bear

The Rusher Family Tim Buck        Hannah Bo Jati

The Just  Family     Ken  Mountain Bear Krista Dancing Leaf Ashley Tumbling Water


The Wahl Family          Randy  Three Coyotes         Austin Little Walking Raccoon


The Barham Family Jon  Eagle's Nest     Halle Rising Sun


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